Up Jumped The Devil is a Stereo DXD recording by Carmen Gomes Inc. in 2020. It has received rave reviews and a perfect 5-Star rating from listeners and reviewers. The album uses 2 Josephson C700A microphones (vocal and bass) added to the central Josephson C700S as well as an ambient spaced pair of Josephson C617 microphones up high as the main source of ambience. The benefit sound wise, compared to a pure One Microphone Recording, is the sound of Carmen’s voice and the double bass will not suffer when the band at certain moments raises the dynamic level.

The sound is totally three dimensional. You almost feel like you can reach out and touch everyone. The sound is totally open with natural decay and depth. It is stunning. The drums are focused in the sound field and sound like a drum kit does live.

Up Jumped The Devil to be the best ever released by Sound Liaison.

Carmen Gomes – Vocals
Folker Tettero – Guitar
Peter Bjørnild – Double Bass
Bert Kamsteeg – Drums

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