Telarc Sampler Group Multi Surround Channel (7 SACD album)


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Telarc Sampler Group disc includes 7 albums on SACD Multi Channel Surround, a collection that you should own it.
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1Telarc Sacd Sampler 12002Jazz, ClassicalSACD-ISO 2&6ch, Flac 16bit
2Telarc Sacd Sampler 22003ClassicalSACD-ISO 2&6ch, Flac 16bit
3Telarc Sacd Sampler 32005JazzSACD-ISO 2&6ch, Flac 16bit
4Telarc Sacd Sampler 42005ClassicalSACD-ISO 2&6ch, Flac 16bit
5Telarc Sacd Sampler 52005Jazz, BluesSACD-ISO 2&6ch, Flac 16bit
6Telarc Sacd Sampler 62009ClassicalSACD-ISO 2&6ch, Flac 16bit
7Telarc Sacd Sampler 72009Jazz & World MusicSACD-ISO 2&6ch, Flac 16bit