Absolute Voices II released in 2010 S2S Pte. Ltd includes 2CD, It is a successful album in the “Absolute Voices” series. It includes famous female singers such as Norah Jones, Sissel, Sarah McLachlan, KeikoLee, Loanna Wang, Ive Mendes … Album brings a deeper rhythm and experience than songs that touch a lot of privacy. Set the mood through sexy voice and smooth melody.

Absolute Voices II shares the story, passion and love, the sound is kept in a most pristine way using 24-bit HDCD. Moreover, the great jazz singers like Inger Marie Gundersen, Johana Grussner, Lina Nyberg, Jeanette Lindstrom bring great experiences on old pop music.

The arrangement of songs and performers brings additional strength to this album.

S2S Pte. Ltd. was founded and established in Singapore in October 1997. In 1999, S2S Inc, Japan was set up as a distribution, artist management and publishing company in Tokyo, Japan. Ken Suzuki was the founder of S2S

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