Analog Female Voices – Western Electric released by ABC Records. The women jazz vocal charm is always with the deepest romance, However in most people’s mind, the women jazz singers are always those legendary songbirds, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday. Therefore, some contemporary women singers will be called “Ella, the second” or “the rebirth of Sarah”, no matter how successful they are.

Each track of this album is romantic, beautiful and perceptual. Each song has a love story which will make you feel as you are walking on the rainbow or confused. That is unpredictable love. Those songs are just the companion for the lonely heats at night.

”Analog” covers all the best women jazz songs in recent years. You will find these thirteen tracks worth of hundreds of listening. The superb audiophile recording of this CD will take you travel through time to the national concert hall with plump sound effects to enjoy the live show. With the charming songs, you will feel more about love no matter you are in or out of love.

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