I Touch The Stars – Ayako Hosokawa, Shota Osabe released in 2005 by First Impression Music (FIM). Album I Touch The Stars a really good one. Her interpretation of “Stranger In Paradise” and “Almost Like Being in Love” are being sung the way I like them. The album and recording are superb and is really a good value for money. You must listen to her two other CD albums “Mr Wonderful” and “A Whisper of Love” released in 1987 and 1993 respectively.

Ayako Hosokawa (born 1939 in Tokyo prefecture) is a Japanese jazz singer and pianist. Living in San Francisco with her mother and daughter in the mid-1970s, Hosokawa recorded her debut album No Tears (Three Blind Mice) in Japan in 1977, with pianist Masaru Imada’s quartet was accompanied.


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