MARANTZ – Ken Ishiwata’s 30th Anniversary

Album released in 2009 by STS Digital. To mark the introduction of a new series of Marantz Reference components, the Marantz KI Pearls, this very special hybrid Super Audio CD was created for this occasion. This album of demo-quality tracks was produced by Mr. Ken Ishiwata himself. The recordings were made using the world’s finest equipment to capture these all-acoustic recordings in the most realistic way possible.

Ken Ishiwata’s 30th Anniversary is a jazz lover’s dream, with classics such Ellington’s Satin Doll,  Gershwin’s Summertime, Jobim’s Girl from Ipanema, and other impeccable standards such as Body and Soul, Misty, Autumn Leaves, and All the Things You Are. The performers are some of Europe’s most heralded studio and performing musicians. These tracks were recorded in a small European studio, famous for its natural acoustic ambience. The recording is simple; you will hear the instruments played back in front of you, as if inside the studio. The stereo imaging is startlingly realistic but it’s the emotion of the players, together, which will make your hair stand on end!

Ken Ishiwata’s 30th Anniversary is A True Jazz-Based Demonstration Disc, This Hybrid Sampler Takes You Inside the Music! Just slip-in this single CD in your jacket & the next hour will tell you whether your targeted highend device you’re after is worth its salt or not. No need to carry a stack-load of CDs to reach the verdict.

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