SuperBass 1 released 1997 on Telarc, performed by Ray Brown with John Clayton and Christian McBride, Recorded Live At Sculler’s. Microphones: Sennheiser MKH-20, MKH-40, MKH-50; B&K 4006; Audio-Tecnica AIM-35.
  • Console Ramsa WR-S4412, custom engineered by John Windt.
  • On-Stage Microphone Preamplifiers: Millennia Media HV-3 & Benchmark 4*4+ MIA.
  • Digital Recording Processor: Telarc/UltraAnalog Tandem 20-bit ADC, custom engineered by Kenneth Hamann and Gary Gomes.
  • Microphone, lnterconnecring & speaker Cables: Monster Cable M1500,M1.5, Series I&III Prolink and Music Interface Tecnologies
  • Power Amplifier Bryston 4B NPBProline, and MH-750 CVT Shotgun Terminators.
  • Monitored through Krell “Studio” 20-bit DAC
  • Monitor Speakers: ATC-SCM20
  • Digital Editinq: Sonic Solutions
  • Control Room and On-Stage Acoustic Treatment: RPG Diffusors and Abffusors
  • 20- to 16-bit Encoding: Apogee UV-1000 Super CD Encoder

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