True Love” is the second album by vocalist Ida Sand released by ACT Music. Sand possesses a powerful “white soul” voice and is also an accomplished keyboard player. The careful arrangements and high class production values are of the elevated standard we have come to expect from ACT

Ida Sands was born into a musical family, the father a singer at the Royal Opera in Stockholm and the mother a church musician, Ida has been surrounded by music and the love for it her whole life and you can certainly hear it in her performance.

Her husband Ola Gustaffson is one of two guitarists on the album. Gustaffson is a reputable figure on the Swedish pop and rock scene and “True Love” veers as much to pop and soul as it does to jazz.

ACT Music is a German record label founded in 1992 by Siegfried Loch. ACT was voted Label of the Year in the German Echo Jazz online poll four times in a row from 2010 to 2013.

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