Play On Words Sara K. a musical and lyrical masterpiece with Sara K. on vocals and four string guitar, makes its way through a number of styles, such as country and blues, and invigorates these rather staid genres with a new content and meaning.

Play On Words Sara K. Recorded with minimalist miking techniques and without overdubbing or artificial enhancement to ensure the purest and most natural sound possible.

There are several reasons why Play On Words became the first Chesky Records title that AudioNautes Recordings decided to repress. The reputation of the famous New York label had definitely an impact, as it has grown over the years to become synonymous with audiophile sound, carving out an increasing niche for itself inside sampler and test CDs promotionally distributed by audio magazines. Further contribution came from being in accord with the minimalist approach to recording, and the proven skills of knowledgeable engineers like Bob Katz and David Merrill.

Further, audiophile friends and audio professionals were asked to pick a title from the vast Chesky catalog — most of them chose Sara K. The ability of this singer-songwriter to gather consensus through several different generations and musical tastes is really a secret only talent can explain.

Publishing either one masterpiece or another at this point didn’t matter that much: Play On Words was chosen because the musicality and the natural feeling of the original Chesky vinyl remains unmatched any subsequent digital edition, even the high resolution ones. From this perspective, working on the analog master could not be anything but a perfect challenge. This AudioNautes Recording vinyl opens a new collaboration path with Abbey Road and Miles Showell, whose vast experience was crucial to achieve the best result after a huge number of tests and many hours of work and listening.

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