Best Audiophile Voices VII is the last album in the Best Audiophile Vocies series released in 2016 on the Premium records label, this extended resolution CD (XRCD) brings the listener higher fidelity and improved audio quality by enhancing the process of mastering and manufacturing compact discs.

Fans of the seventies’ pop scene and the jazz genre will easily recognize the hits contained in this compilation. That said, all tracks are softly sung, sleepily hypnotic while memorable.

Best Audiophile Voices VII brings together the top audiophile female voices as Saskia Bruin, Sarah Morrau, Jeni Fleming Trio, Emi Fujita, Halie Loren feat. Matt Trader, Eva Cassidy, Woong San, Jeanne Newhall, Dina Blade, Ela Lo, Jheena Lodwick, Noon, Kelly Sweet, Emilie, Claire Barlow

With Best Audiophile Voices VII, mega systems will be rid of the formula tracks we have been playing until brain death occurs, and smaller systems will sound renewed for once. I recommend adding this exquisite disc to your collection.

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