Blue Coast Collection 4 released in 2020. The album includes 12 songs Blues, Folk, sung to the acoustic melodies of the artists you love. The opening of the album is a tender cover of the song “I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen. The mix of vocals with musical instruments creates the perfect balance and warm, organic and full sound. Hardly any record really captures the feel of a live performance, but Blue Coast Records Collection 4 does.

Collection always brings a warm and close feeling. Jenna Mammina’s cover of “A Case of You” creates space for reflection, allowing your mind to wander about old memories with friends or lovers. Songs like Tony Furtado’s cover of “Paradise” recalls memories of sitting by a fire pit while camping with family, filling the heart with tenderness. Jenna’s expression of Joni Mitchell is particularly poignant. Her voice is measured, in no hurry, almost immersed in the lyrics. Keith Greeninger’s cover of “Close To The Soul” feels like twinkle lights on a back porch at twilight, sharing a meal and a bottle of wine with close friends, enjoying conversation and laughter.

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