Blue Coast Collection 3 released in 2018 on DSD 256 format. Album was recorded with the proprietary recording technique called Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E), developed by legendary recording engineers Cookie Marenco and Jean-Claude Reynaud. E.S.E recordings go directly to DSD or analog tape while musicians perform live in the studio without the use of headphones or overdubs. Hand-made cables, modified preamps and carefully chosen microphones are also part of the recording requirements.

Blue Coast Collection 3 begins with “Johnny Colorado”, it is a clever walk through a limited relationship to a depiction of an ideal one. Meghan Andrews sings it wistfully, as it deserves in this clean and skillful performance with only guitar accompaniment.

“Shenandoah” is a song so compelling, it “holds in it the brooding rhythm of the sea.” In Alex de Grassi’s performance, we hear a confident and powerful interpretation with the depth, textures and the sonic layers of a special harp guitar.

The familiar story in “You Were Always On My Mind” gets a beautiful reading from Jenna Mammina’s exquisite expression, skillful phrasing and sure dynamics.

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