Autumn Moon Over A Placid Lake released in 2002 by First Impression Music (FIM). This is yet another the Best recording for this year by FIM after River of Sorrow for last year. The performance is so captivating and the sound is so real that it is difficulty to describe. No words can do it justice.

The feature piece of this album, “Autumn Moon Over A Placid Lake” was selected as one of “The Best Chinese Music Compositions in the World during the 20th Century.” Hence, its quality is recognized as being on par with other major works such as the “Butterfly Concerto.” or the “Yellow River Concerto”.

It so happened that some of the best artists for Guangdong music were all avaliable at the same time for recording, namely the maestros Qi Wei Yu, the first goahu soloist in China; Kam Shing Huang, the best flutist; and Wei Li, the top huzheng soloist.

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