Opus 3 DSD Showcase 4 released in 2014. The album includes 8 songs about Blues, classical, and Folk music.

  1. First we go to the famous Jazz Club The Pawnshop in Stockholm and listen to the legendary swing saxophonist, Benny Waters in Apirl 1976. The piano is no one less than Björn Milder  – the father of Joakim Milder  – who many considers as world class! On double bass and drums is the guys who normally playes in Kustbandet!
  2. This track is from the album that Omnibus Wind Ensemble dedicated to Frank Zappa fantastic music! After the jazz-bluesy introduction, their interpretation and arrangement of his unique music really features some dynamic fireworks!!
  3. This grooving track shows the blues-rocky side of Eric Bibb with the producer and slide-guitar player Göran Wennerbrant at his side doing great slide-licks!! This album was ”Best album of the year” (1997) in it´s category in Sunday Times, UK.
  4. This unique  recording  of Mozart´s Clarinet Concerto employes a Bassett Clarinet instead of a conventional clarinet, with the Royal Orchestra of Stockholm, conducted by Eri Klas
  5. With his dazzling technique, his personal and expressive style but without ever loosing the ”heart” of the music, Manolo Yglesias showhow important it also is to have the real feeling for Flamenco music!
  6. From his debut album in 1983, Lars Erstrand is here with his quintet doing his version of this typical composition by Milt Jackson (The Modern Jazz Quartet) –  a most expressive player that differentiated himself from other vibraphonists in his attention to variations on harmonics and rhythm.
  7. Trumpeter Bob Barnard from Australia is internationally wellknown for his unique mastery of everything from the 1920s Armstrong  –  like this track  –  to Swing and Mainstream. Produced by Tomas Örnberg from the Blue Five/Swedish Jazz Kings.
  8. Sommar sång (Summer Song) is Peterson-Berger´s most famous piece, and recalls the warm, calm, harmonious and bright pre-summer evenings where the sun in the north almost never goes down – a very romantic ”Swedishness”!The Stockholm Guitar Trio really develope the potential of the conventional guitars possibilties in this beautiful song!

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