Opus 3 DSD Showcase 3 released in 2014. The album includes 9 songs about Blues, classical, and Folk music.

Track 1 – Cyndee Peters – “House of the Rising Sun”
This track is from our album with Cyndee Peters, “Black is the Color” recorded in 1977. It was one of the first tracks from our recordings that was so very liked and widely used for HiFi demos! Like most of our recordings up until 2004, it was a pure Blumlein recording (A Stereo-microphone with crossed figure of eights) with a spacious and coherent sound with very good “Depth of Image”! This was recorded in a small concert hall Eric Bibb played guitar on this bluesy track and was also the producer!

Track 2 – Cirrus – “Leaves”
Cirrus is a 5 piece group with two acoustic guitars, soprano sax, double bass and percussion – quite an unusual and unique setup! It was recorded in the very same church as the Tiny Island album and also many of the Omnibus Wind Ensemble albums! A great church which really enhances the space and airiness that always has been the one of the hallmarks of our recordings! It is a kind of Jazz, but with World Music ingredients. A reviewer compared it with some of the best ECM recordings from the 80´s!

Track 3 – Stockholm Guitar Quartet – Largetto in C-minor
This track is from their 2nd album which focused on baroque music. It really shows the great possibility to transcribe this music for four differently tuned guitars, together covering over 6 musical octaves! A soprano guitar, an alto guitar, and ordinary a bass guitar – all three with 11 strings – plus an ordinary guitar. Recorded in a big church from the 11th century with very nice acoustics!

Track 4 – Stefan Lindgren – Finale: Presto non tanto.
We where fortunate to record pianist Stefan Lindgren that has been the piano player in the Swedish Radio philharmonic, and still is! In this nice piece by Chopin, the Steinway D-grand piano, really do justice to Stefans dynamic playing!

Track 5 – Knoa – “Unca´s Flight”
With 3 guitars, violin and double bass, they really create a most unique sound – a kind of World music, but with a difference! From the albums entitled: “Sudden twists and turns”, which to many extend describes their “way of playing”!

Track 6 – Erstrand-Lind quartet – “Memories of You”
Lars Erstrand is one of our biggest artists and this track is from one of the six albums we recorded with him, entitled: “A Tribute to the Benny Goodman Quartet”. It is worth mentioning that for his Paris concert in 1972, Benny Goodman chose these players for his accompanying group – though, needless to say, minus clarinettist Ove Lind. Rolf Larsson, piano and Pelle Hulten, drums.

Track 7 – The Legendary Eva Taylor, “Live at the Pawnshop” – Everybody Loves my Baby
It was certainly a magic night at the Pawnshop (Stampen) in March, 1976 when a young lady of 81 completely captured and entranced the audience with her stage presence and vibrant personality. Her communication with the musicians and audience combined to elevate her artistry beyond the aural level to include that indefinable ingredient….. atmosphere. This atmosphere was retrieved from our vaults from 31 years ago and like a good wine has aged well as lovers of jazz from the twenties will appreciate. Eva Taylor is a direct link with the great era of jazz when she was singing with the Clarence Williams Blue Five and also with Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet, who were coming to their peak as influential jazz geniuses in the mid twenties. The band which perfectly complements her artistry is Maggie’s Blue Five and includes Tomas Örnberg on clarinet & soprano-saxophone and Bent Persson, trumpet from Tomas Örnberg’s Blue Five and later on, The Swedish Jazz Kings.

Track 8 – Gösta Rundqvist Trio – Treecircle
This is the title track of Gösta´s Opus 3 album! To quote Gösta: “A record is born of dreams and hopes. As a musician one constantly wants to go further or deeper, unfold and evolve, renew the power of expression, the interplay, the dynamics, the flow – to grow like trees, that reach up towards heaven, with roots that sink into the earth. This dream you get in “Treecircle”.

Track 9 – Omnibus Wind Ensemble – “Sommarsång”
This work by Peterson-Berger, really shows the combination of Swedish folkmusic played and arranged in a Classical Manner! This was recorded in an old church from the 13th century with wonderful acoustics – the same as Tiny Island!

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