Opus 3 DSD Showcase 5 released in 2015. The album includes 8 songs about Blues, classical, and Folk music.

1. My Foolish Heart ( Ned Washington – Victor Young)
From: Yamina, ”Little Mermaid”, SACD 25001 5´25

This song from the great ”American Songbook”, is from our first native DSD128, 8 chanel-recording and mixed down 100% analogue! It was recorded ”studio-live” in a small concert hall with a reverbation that suits this soft jazz perfectly! All the musicians where playing together at the very same time, so no overdubbing and editing, which really suits jazz music. As you might know from the ”EP” we made almost two years ago, Yamina is our new Swedish female jazz-vocalist! Besides singing, Yamina is also playing the Grand piano. Also features Cello, Bass clarinet, Double bass and Percussion.

This track is from her long awaited debut album which will be available on both SACD and for downloading in DSD64 or 128!

2.  Body And Soul (Johnny Green)
From: ”Lars Erstrand and Four Brothers”, CD 84026´44

This unique track has always been a favourite – both for demo at HiFi shows and for jazz-lovers! After the soft intro, Lars Erstrand comes in on the vibes, but after the first chorus, he doubles the tempo, but the quartet behind him stays in the original tempo  –  a wonderful  and unusual ”effect” indeed!

Fernando Sor 1778 – 1839
3.  Fantasie pour deux Guitares  (Excerpt)
From: Duodecima, ”Music for two Guitars”, CD 8201 4´40

These great guitarists show here how expressive contrasts can be attained with instruments  that produce very little power! A wonderful piece by Fernado Sor recorded in a small church!

Franz Schubert, 1797 – 1828
4.  Scherzo: Allegro – from: Trio in B Flat Major, op 99, D 898 (Excerpt)
From: Stockholm Arts Trio, CD 19601 4`45

This album was released in 1997 to celebrate the 200th  anniversary of Schuberts birth. The Stockholm Arts Trio´s wonderful interpretation of  the Scherzo is very dynamic which we really strived to preserve during this recording!

Johan Helmich Roman, 1694 – 1758
5.   Allegro con spirito from the Drottningholm Music
From: Omnibus Wind Ensemble, ”From Mozart to Zappa”, CD 9203 2´20

This track is from our first album with Omnibus Wind Ensemble!  Johan Helmich Roman´s duty was to entertain royalty and the Drottningholm Music was written for the marriage of King Adolf Fredrik and Princess Lovisa Ulrika in 1744!

A wonderful piece indeed!

6.  Tiden bara går  (Roger Rönning) (Excerpt)
From: Thérèse Juel. ”Levande”, CD 7917 3´41

Together with ”House of the Rising Sun” with Cyndee Peters, this might be the other Opus 3 recording that was very very often used for HiFi demos, to show among other things; ”Depth of Image” which also was one of the hallmarks of earlier Opus 3 recordings!

Recorded in the same old church from the 11th century as the Stockholm Guitar Quartet, it offers a very special and ”spacious sound”. It is very unusual that this kind of music is recorded in such an environment!

7.  Home In That Rock  (Trad./Arr. Eric Bibb)
From: Eric Bibb, ”Just Like Love”, SACD 22002 2´41

This track is from our 4th album with our greatest artist; Eric Bibb!

We made his debut album in 1977 ”Rainbow People” and his breakthrough album ”Spirit & The Blues” in 1994 and this is from year 2000. A nice traditional song which Eric is great in doing! Some of the musicians on this track was the guys from Tiny Island! This album was also the first SACD on Opus 3 Records in that year!

8.  Moody Melody  (J. Noone)
From: The Swedish Jazz Kings, featuring Roy Williams
”It´s Right Here For You”, CD 19404 4´55

Earlier they where called; Tomas Örnberg´s BLUE FIVE and this is more or less the same musicians in this later band. A great song by Jimmy Noon from 1940 to end this selection of tracks!

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