30 Years Tubes Ⅱ – Special Edition released in 2006 is a collaboration of ABC (Int’l) Records and Golden Ear Studio, this record was released at the air-raid shelter which was built in Germany Second World War time.

In the 30 Years Tubes Ⅱ 17 songs of widely known classics-some are considered as out of print pieces-are performed by top masters such as Nat King Cole, Don Williams, and Barbra Streisand. As a result, the substantial timbre of the record remains gentle and lovely under the tube recording of analog signal source. Compared to other modern records of digital processing, the record turns away the emptiness and coldness of the transistor so as to make it warmer and sweeter. In the course of releasing, the particular workshop and equipment have ensured that every detail of the voices and instruments is accurately caught.

Furthermore, the generous help on recording technology from the boss of Golden Ear Studio is really the icing on cake, which has professionally made the record popular among fans, full of sense of level ,clear in voice, and lively in performance. Consequently, the record gives an immeasurable enjoyment to fans and brings the beauty of music to people magnificently.

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