Native DSD music and iFi audio are proud to collaborate together with the latest DSD256fs sampler album to celebrate the launch of the flagship Professional series. The first product, the Pro iCan is a professional studio grade headphone amplifier and an audiophile line-stage. The Native DSD music album contains 4 cherry-picked DSD 256 songs for you to enjoy. Why iFi and Native DSD? Its because we both bring out the best in each other.

iFi enjoys PCM and DSD , which is why the specially selected Burr-Brown chip was chosen as it keeps each format in its native state as it travels through the dac chipset. Both iFi and Native DSD Music care passionately about the ultimate in sound quality and when it comes to DSD recordings, Native DSD Music continues to push the boundaries – with DSD256 recorded music in particular. This is why we made this album for you, the listener.


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