Jacintha is her name released in 2003 by Groove Note, album includes 11 tracks on dsd256 high quality format. The very spare instrumental arrangements also lend themselves to extremely high quality audiophile sound and Joe Harley (producer) and Mike Ross (engineer) have outdone themselves on this recording, creating sonics and fidelity that are some of the best ever from Groove Note.

Jacintha is her name was spectacularly released by her and arranger/pianist Bill Cunliffe. Using the guitar and bass combo as a basic springboard, the album has taken some of the songs most closely associated with Julie, and some not so familiar, and transformed them into the kind of material that Jacintha handles best. Intimate, sexy, seductive.

A couple of tunes do utilize a trio behind Jacintha but the great majority of the songs stay faithful to the guitar/bass combo and two instrument concept with the additional twist of using some different instruments in the arrangements. Jacintha herself delivers some definitive performances including a classic version of Something Cool and her cover of The Doors’ Light My Fire.

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