Red Hot Audiophile 2008 album released by Master Music producer in 2008 in the three-CD series titled “Red Hot Audiophile”. This is the first digital album in the immortal three-CD set of the audiophile world, Red Hot Audiophile 2008 includes 14 jazz vocal songs selected from the best songs, especially the producer of the album quality format. High SACD.

Album featuring artists: Kirsti Huke, Kari Bremnes, Chie Ayado, Tata, Akapelleando, Carmen Cuesta, George Grzone & Trio Da Paz, Lisa Wahlandt & Mulo Francel, Eva Taylor, Svante Thuresson & Katrine Madsen, Nicki Parrott, Kari Bremnes , Stefanie Schlesinger, Robert Wolf & Fang Kammerlander, Thomas Christian Ensemble.

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