The SACD Stereo Multichannel Demonstration Disc released in 2001 by Groove Note. This sampler is the first SACD sampler to feature not only stereo and multi-channel but even more importantly, tracks by several different labels as follows: Groove Note (5 tracks), First Impressions Music (3 tracks), DMP (2 tracks), Hyperion (1 track). Total running time is 72.36!

The tracks are all pure DSD recordings, i.e. they were not transferred from analogue or digital masters to DSD. The range of music covers many different genres (classical to choral to world music and jazz vocals), from fully immersive multi-channel, all enveloping, breath-taking choral music and dynamic drum ensemble from DMP to the intimate and closely miked holographic jazz vocals from Groove Note’s audiophile star Jacintha. The sampler also features the work of several of the top US and UK recording engineers e.g. Tony Faulkner, Tom Jung, Mike Ross and Paul Stubblewine.

The SACD Stereo Multichannel Demonstration Disc is a very impressive and useful tool for the prupose of demonstrating the technical superiority of DSD/SACD as well as the wide variety of music available on the format.

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