Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet – Simpler Time Volume II released in 2015 by Yarlung Records. Simpler Times is Yarlung’s first album to make its debut in DSD. Sophisticated Lady jazz quartet is also the first jazz group with whom Yarlung has collaborated on a recording, so this is a double debut.

Unlike the majority of contemporary jazz recordings, which are carefully and surgically perfected in postproduction, this album remains raw and fresh. These tracks are complete takes, “live to tape,” without editing. The music on this recording is how Sophisticated Lady plays without the help of digital magic.

Yarlung makes recordings in concert halls, not studios. The album capture the sound of musicians playing in real acoustic spaces.

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  • LabelYarlung
  • Release date2015
  • CountryUS
  • GenreJazz, Classical
  • FormatDSD256 + Flac 16bit

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