Studer Grand Master 80th Anniversary Real To Real Audio Recording released by ABC Records. STUDER’s analog tape recorders were widely considered to be the best in the world by audio engineers due to their excellent reliability and sound quality. The company has built a variety of two-track recorder models throughout its history for stereo recording and mixing.

STUDER was originally founded in Zürich in 1948 by Willi Studer (de), where it quickly became famous for its high-quality tape recorders.
Willi Studer started in 1948 making high-tension oscilloscopes, but in 1949 branched out into audio by modifying imported tape recorders from the USA. By 1950 they had developed their own line of tape recorders, named the Dynavox series. Oscilloscopes remained part of their product line-up until 1968.

STUDER was also an innovator in the design and production of multitrack recorders. Later Studer multitrack recorders were built in 8-, 16-, and 24-track configurations. With the addition of SMPTE time code multiple machines could also be linked together, making the number of available tracks virtually unlimited.

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