Telarc SACD Sampler 1 was released in 2002 by Telarc Records. It was to present the listener with a variety of differing approaches to creating a surround sound experience, using various musical examples.

Telarc SACD Sampler includes 16 tracks, the first track is from an analog master, track 2 is 24 Bit 44.1kHz PCM, tracks 3-5 are Analog / 24 Bit 44.1kHz PCM, track 6 is Analog with DSD and remaining 9 tracks are Pure DSD.

The tracks are grouped from loudest to softest. There is roughly a 45% difference in apparent level from the first track to the last so you will undoubtedly want to increase the volume as you play through the disc.

Telarc International Corporation is an American audiophile independent record label founded in 1977 by Jack Renner and Robert Woods. Telarc has released Classical, jazz, blues and country music recordings. In 1996, Telarc merged with another independent label, Heads Up International. In late 2005 both Telarc and Heads Up were bought by Concord Music Group, Inc..

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