The All Star Percussion Ensemble in 2009 by First Impression Music (FIM). Super dynamic percussion! Lively and fun with STUNNING sound! Harold Farberman conducts the All Star Percussion Ensemble for this wonderful group of percussion arrangements of popular light classics by Bizet, Beethoven, Pachelbel and Berlioz.

In the The all star percussion ensemble , Farberman has recorded works by four composers utilizing the All-Star Percussion Ensemble. The ensemble features ten head percussionists from seven famous orchestras in the U.S.A., many of whom were Farberman’s students. The 10 players handled a total of some 60 to 80 instruments, varying from piece to piece. On a high resolution audio system there are slight noises of the players’ footsteps as they run from one instrument to another, maintaining synchronicity with Farberman’s innovative arrangements

Originally recorded March 8 and April 12, 1982, at New York’s Vanguard Recording Studio, Golden String and First Impression Music are pleased to present this 200-gram LP reissue, remastered using the latest digital technology.

Musicians: The All Star Percussion Ensemble Harold Farberman, conductor Everett Firth, Boston Symphony Roland Kofloff, New York Philharmonic Mickey Bookspan, Philadelphia Orchestra Donald Miller, Cleveland Orchestra Walter Rosenberger, New York Philharmonic John Siroka, Pittsburgh Symphony Morris Lang, New York Philharmonic Bent Lyllof, Royal Danish Orchestra Abraham Marcus, New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Arthur Press

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