The best of Instrumental Hits Vol 1 2004 – Audiophile Music

1. Saint-preux “Ivresse Mecanique/Phytandros”
2. P. Mauriat “Love is Blue”
3. C. Santana “Moonflower”
4. F.Porcel “Soul les cielDe Paris”
5. Paris-“France-Transit “Souvenir from Rio”
6. F.Papetti “Emmanuelle”
7. F.Goya “Historia De Un Amor”
8. A.Ventura “Shivago-Melodie”
9. P.Mauriat “Les Parapluies De Cherbourg”
10. F.Garcia “Besame Mucho”
11. E.Morricone “The Encounter”
12. D.Modena & J.P.Audin “Girl From Key Biskaune”
13. F. Papetti “Theme From Paradise”
14. Ventures “Music To Waich Girls By”
15. P.Mauriat-Le Temps Des Fleur “Those Were The Days”
16. Caravelli Orchestra “Midnigh Blue”
17. R.King “Storm Rider”
18. Space “Ballad For Space Lovers”

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