The DALI CD Vol 2 album released in 2009 by producer Dali. The album includes 15 songs selected with different styles of pitch and rhythm. The artists in the alum included Antonio Forcione, Josefine Cronholm,Skunk Anansie,Dave Brubeck Quartet, Holly Cole….this is a sample CD sample and what you are looking for.

With The Dali CD Vol 2 you’ll experience fantastic artists who put their heart and soul into their music and you’ll get to explore the full potential of your DALI speakers.

DALI Audio brand deserves to be the national treasure of Denmark and represents the Scandinavian hi-end speaker manufacturing industry. DALI Audio owns one of the largest loudspeaker factories available today with the ability to independently manufacture nearly every component of a speaker design, something even big and established brands like Wilson Audio, Sonus Faber, Kharma… still hasn’t done it.

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