The Higher Octave Collection is one of those samplers that’s really worth getting. It includes 2cd, divided into Nighttime and Daytime. The Daytime disc is a great energetic CD with artists like Cusco, Ottmar Liebert, EKO, Soto Koto Band, Craig Chaquico, Tri Atma, and Randy Tico. The Nighttime disc focouses on more relaxed, romantic tracks from Cusco, Craig Chaquico, Soto Koto Band, William Aura, Himekami, and Nightingale.

The Higher Octave Collection is definetly an album that should be included in every New Age library. Album containing twenty tracks and around a hundred minutes of music, cover a broad range of styles, from the floaty sort of new age to the near-jazz stuff.

  • Label: Higher Octave Music
  • Released: 1993
  • Genre: New age, Jazz
  • Format: Flac 16 bit

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