Top 10 Songs For Test High End System

The songs at high-end sound shows are often chosen by the company or showroom to promote the technical characteristics of the speakers. Although the participants may not be familiar with or even dislike the songs, it is undeniable that the songs have special features loved by the audiophile community. For those who want to try the high-end audiophile music listening experience, or to hear how capable their sound system is, songs below will be extremely useful.

  • 1 Hotel California (Hell Freezes Over) – The Eagles
  • 2. Money For Nothing & Brothers In Arms – Dire Straights
  • 3. Tin Pan Alley – Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • 4. Keith Don’t Go – Nils Lofgren
  • 5. No Sanctuary Here – Chris Jones
  • 6. Money – Pink Floyd
  • 7. Europa – Santana
  • 8. Fields of Gold – Sting
  • 9. Take 5 – David Brubeck
  • 10. Bonus

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