Top 12 in Gold Plus released in 2010 by First Impression Music (FIM). Experience 12 of the greatest cuts from the Golden String Audiophile Catalog all on one DXD CD! this makes an awesome sampler!

DXD is an audio encoding scheme that was developed for editing high-resolution recordings because DSD, the audio standard used on Super Audio CD (SACD) is not ideally suited for editing. DXD is a PCM-like signal with 24-bit resolution sampled at 352.8 kHz – eight times the sampling frequency of Red Book CD. The data rate is 11.2896 Mbit/s – four times that of DSD64!

The songs in the album are performed by the artists All Star Percussion Ensemble, John Whitney Trio,  Teresa Perez,  Ken Gioffree,  Tokyo Girl Choir, The Japanese Singers, Steve Siu


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