With Space In Mind by Mark Nauseef  released in 1992 on MA Recording label. On this solo percussion recording, Mark “excites” the space with numerous percussion instruments, including the very low pitched “Chime Bars” and exotic wind gongs from China. Some of the most melodious, yet dynamic percussion music you’ll ever hear; an audiophile favorite.
With Space In Mind is pretty stately and spacious, and everything was recorded without overdubs or added reverberation. What you get is an accurate picture of a master of percussion in a huge music hall captured in absolutely pristine digital sound. The big drums are a workout for your woofers and the metallic gongs and cymbals will tax your tweeters.
This is not only a fantastic recording for hifi aficionados, it is also a very relaxing one. A unique piece of art for those who like percussions and own a good hifi gear.


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