Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals album includes 22 exalted distaff classics released in 2015 by Analogue Productions.
Album is a collection of well-recorded female vocalists revered by audio enthusiasts as well as by music lovers in general.
The sources all were high-resolution files, some DSD, some PCM, or produced in DSD using the original analog tapes. … The Wonderful Sounds of Female Vocals a great sampler! Easy to recommend for the music and the consistently fine sound.
Female vocals have forever been celebrated by audiophiles and music lovers alike. a great female vocal well-recorded is just so sensuous. It’s the genre that best shows off the systems that manufacturers and dealers are trying to sell. Other artist faves include Jennifer Warnes, Joan Baez, Nina Simone, Julie London, Patricia Barber, Nancy Bryan, and more…
Analogue Productions is a record label specializing in the manufacture and distribution of reissue LP record albums, CDs and SACDs that primarily include jazz, blues, rock, folk and classical styles of music. The company is a division of Acoustic Sounds, Inc. founded by music entrepreneur Chad Kassem in Salina, Kansas, United States in 1992.
Now, you can have all of those best demo tracks on one record.

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