AYA Authentic Audio Check (SACD) released in 2011 on stockfisch records. This is well recorded album, sung by excellent artist, and released by excellent label. The tracks are enjoyable, not too complicated, but very good to measure a system. This SACD, when used as measurement track, you can easily gauge and compare between one system and another.

After first two tracks for testing, the show is started with “Sharpening Your Knife” by Carl Cleves and Parissa Bouas. The combination between guitar and a low and vibrating low frequency.

Next few tracks, “Improvisation” and “A Hard Rains’ A-gonna Fall” still playing in low region, but combined with mid high frequency instrument and male vocal

Continue, we can see the focus now shifted to upper low, mid, then higher frequency and with wider bandwidth. The wider the bandwidth, the challenge is getting higher and higher for a system to reproduce with proper and balance tonality. Sometime you have a better low, but traded with less vocal or high frequency.

Track #13 “Easy to Love” and #14 “Sizzlin’” are two tracks which will require a very good and balance system to reproduce the complexity.

Guidance on the manual book about the staging/position of several instruments on the track #17 including the time stamp. Very good guidance to measure your own system on presenting the stage.

I think AYA Authentic Audio Check is a must have SACD in your collection.


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