Ola Gjeilo Piano Improvisations released in 2012 by 2L Audiophile Reference Recordings. The album was recorded at Sofienberg Church in Oslo, Norway in Pure Audio Blu-Ray surround sound by 2L, a company that records in spacious acoustic venues and has won numerous awards for its surround sound. The music and the piano sound on this album are nothing short of breathtaking.

Ola Gjeilo was born in Norway in 1978 and moved to America in 2001 to begin his composition studies at the Juilliard School in New York City. Presently a full-time composer and pianist based in the US, his published concert works are performed all over the world.

The record label 2L was founded in 2001 by Morten Linberg, a recording specialist and business manager of a recording company Lindberg Lyd. 2L has released well over 40 titles, mainly classical. A Grammy nominated record company is renowned internationally for its uncompromising focus on audiophile sound quality. 2L – recordings have the reputation of being exceptionally good sounding.

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