Ole Bull Violin Concertos released in 2010 by 2L Audiophile Reference Recordings, Recording Producer Wolfgang Plagge and Balance Engineer Morten Lindberg have produced one of 2L’s best recordings so far.

The DXD originated capture was made in multichannel, mostly with simple arrays of 3 forward facing and 2 rear-facing mics, in the moderately-sized but lively acoustic of Jar Church. The orchestra are arranged in a horseshoe shape, with the listener near the open end. Sensibly, deeper instruments such as the violas, cellos and basses are front stage rather than behind the listener as on productions from some other companies.

The 5.1 MC sound is very lifelike and vivid, with plenty of reflections from the rear wall of the church. One feels fully immersed in the music, and the soloist is happily placed well into the orchestra, with a good share of ambience for his instrument. There is ample deep rhythmic bass. Breathtaking textures such as the violin melody sweetly floating over a cushion of hushed tremolo strings are a feature of this fine recording.

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