Sound test tracks on the audiocheck – In-akustik album are the diamonds for your hi-fi sound system. The tracks in the album are selected by In-Akustik with extremely high technique showing many different sound properties. You can enjoy refined sound and superior sound with your current hi-fi system.

This sound test will help you to intuitively benchmark : your audio equipment, loudspeakers, headphones, room acoustics and even your hearing.

Audiocheck – In-akustik features singers such as Friedemann, Monty Alexander, Friend’N Fellow, Keri Noble, Sara K,  and more …

In-akustik is part of the family-run Braun Group, founded in 1977 in Germany. A pure sound, a sharp picture and an exclusive feeling of luxur. This is what They’re all about – quite simply the utmost quality for your eyes, your ears and all your senses.

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