The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc released 2015 by Chesky records. Album was made with the purest audio path, using the very best microphones, mic preamps, analog-to-digital converters, recorders, and cables with careful attention to detail to produce the most transparent and natural sound available today.

If you want to hear your headphones’ full potential you have to listen to the best recordings. The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc included an assortment of the latest Chesky recordings to show off the best of what your headphones can do.
Uncompressed tracks on this sampler retain their natural soft to loud, so you may have to increase the volume on your phone or amplifier a notch or two above normal listening level. often to enjoy the full dynamic range of music.
Chesky has included a series of test tracks that demonstrate the musically disastrous effects of compression. For each group of dynamic range tests you’ll first hear the music in its natural, uncompressed state, followed by the very same track with a moderate amount of compression, and then one more time with a maximally compressed and peak limited sound mix. The differences are far from subtle; Once the original sound has been compressed, it can never sound completely natural.
All tracks were recorded at the Hirsch Center, Brooklyn, New York, and St. Paul’s Church, in New York, with a B&K Binaural head, MSB A/D converter, and Crystal microphone cable.

TRACK 35 to 59


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TRACK 1 to 34

  • LabelChesky
  • CountryUS
  • Release date2015
  • GenreSampler
  • FormatFlac 24/192

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