Dave Grusin Discovered Again is a 1976 recording remastered to audiophile standards on compact disc by producer Winston Ma’s label, LIM (Lasting Impression Music). Joining Grusin on a Steinway piano and Fender Rhodes electric piano are Ron Carter, bass; Lee Ritenour, guitar; Harvey Mason, drums; and Larry Bunker, percussion. They make a tidy, well-knit ensemble.

In the JVC XRCD24 process, “the analog signal is taken directly from the custom mastering console and digitized via JVC’s K2 24-bit Analogue-to-Digital Converter. The 24-bit digital word then passes through JVC’s Digital K2, which regenerates a pure 24-bit digital signal that is recorded to a Sony PCD-9000 magneto-optical disk. The XRCD process takes advantage of the stability of the magneto-optical disk, as well as its 24-bit capacity by using it as the audio storage medium for delivery to manufacturing.” From there, the JVC manufacturing plant plays back the 24-bit signal through the Digital K2 to eliminate any jitter and distortion and then converts the 24-bit signal to 16 bits using K2 Super Coding, “which ensures true 16-bit dynamic range. The 16-bit signal is then EFM encoded, and sent to a high-precision DVD K2 Laser,” with “Extended Pit Cutting technology.” And so on, with the use of a K2 Rubidium Clock and a special Master Stamper. It’s a demanding process that obviously yields the best possible results.

Robert David Dave Grusin (born June 26, 1934) is an American composer, arranger, producer, jazz pianist, and band leader. He has composed many scores for feature films and television, and has won numerous awards for his soundtrack and record work, including an Academy Award and 10 Grammy Awards. In 1978, Grusin founded GRP Records with Larry Rosen, and was an early pioneer of digital recording

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