XLO Reference Recordings Test & burn-in CD released in 1995. This is the step-by-step guide to setting up and fine-tuning your audio system. Roger Skoff of XLO Electric and “Prof.” Keith O. Johnson lead you through a quick and easy system set-up. Album included are tracks dealing with Balance, Wiring and Polarity, Speaker Placement, Soundstaging, Imaging and Depth, Absolute Phase, Component Demagnetization and Burn-In.

  • Track 1 Stereo Channel Identification and Channel Balance
  • Track 2 In-phase; Track 3 Out-of-phase
  • Track 4 “Clap Track” for Acoustical and Loudspeaker Evaluation
  • Track 5 215 Hz. System Setup and Balance Tone
  • Track 6 Prof. Johnson Does Something Spatial
  • Track 7 Demagnetizing Sweep
  • Track 8 Low Frequency Demagnetizing Fade
  • Track 10 MONO, In Phase
  • Track 11 MONO, Out of Relative Phase
  • Track 12 STEREO, Out of Absolute Phase
  • Track 13 STEREO, Absolute Phase Correct. “Stormy Weather,” complete performance Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler
  • Track 14 “Shiny Stockings” HDCD Frank Foster Bob Lark / DePaul University Jazz Ensemble I with Michael Stryker (piano) and Brian Culbertson (trombone)
  • Track 15 Morton Gould: Derivations for Clarinet and Band, “Rag” movement; John Bruce Yeh (clarinet) / Bob Lark / DePaul University Jazz Ensemble I
  • Track 16 Janacek Sinfonietta, The Queen’s Monastery” Jose Serebrier / Czech State Philharmonic from RR-65, with Janacek Taras Bulba and Lachian Dances
  • Track 17 Biebl: Ave Maria, The Turtle Creek Chorale / Timothy Seelig from The Times of Day, RR-67, including “Die Tageszeiten” by Richard Strauss
  • Track 18 Weinberger: “Polka and Fugue” from Schwanda the Bagpiper Frederick Fennell / Dallas Wind Symphony / Paul Riedo, organ from Pomp & Pipes!.

Just playing this disc will improve the sound of your stereo or home theater system.

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