All Is One is an album by singer Allan Taylor. Album produced by Stockfisch Records released in 2013, the best product of SACD quality.

In All Is One 2013, Allan Taylor displayed 10 songs, an album that produced extremely good sound quality in the DSD format. This will definitely be a good product for audiophiles worldwide.

Allan Taylor (born 30 September 1945 in Brighton, England is a singer-songwriter who has written and performed music around the world for over 50 years. Allan’s style of music is described in his biography [1]: His songs are written from a lifetime of travelling; always the observer passing through, each song is a vignette of life, like a story told over a drink in a bar. He writes his songs in cafes, bars and hotel rooms throughout the world, songs for the lost and lonely, for the unsung heroes of life, for those marginalized by society – they all find a place in his songs. Each song has an integrity that tells you it comes from something real; characters come to life as people you know and places become as familiar as if you had been there.


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