Jerome Etnom Feelings released in 2015 by First Impression Music (FIM). This recording has been mastered by the new Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering process, which creates an unbelievable sound surpassing other formats! Well-renowned pianist Jerome Etnom plays classics like “The Way We Were”, “Unforgettable” and “Yesterday”. You will approve and take delight in Etnom’s enchantingly rich, luminous sounds.

Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering is a proprietary ultra-high-quality mastering system. This leading-edge system has achieved unprecedented sonority and musicality, reproducing as closely as possible the sound of the original master tape!
The concept of UHD 32 Bit PureFlection is the transformation of a superior sound into something truly exceptional, enhancing the experience without interfering in it. Sit back, relax and listen to the new sound of a Ultra High Definition 32-Bit PureFlection CD!

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