Persuasive Percussion was an album performed by Terry Snyder and the All Stars and released in 1959 by Command Record. This record is amazing, the sounds are clear and the music is perfectly executed. No matter what you’re doing, this album serves as appropriate background. Even just laying and listening to it is very satisfying.

The album opens with the song I’m In The Mood For Love. Brazilian-style maracas, Lesberg’s double bass backings and Hyman’s sizzling-hot Hammond B3 organ stabs mesh well with the glistening polyphony of the vibraphones. And started on the rhythm shift in the middle of the composition that is launched with a savage bongo solo and followed by guitar-fueled accents. The bongos are incessantly in the limelight, and the vibraphones are beyond mellow. It’s a surprisingly great opening of an album that primarily exists in order to be worshiped by audio and stereophiles.

Orchids In The Moonlight by Edward Eliscu, Gus Kahn and Vincent is actually yet another amorous Tango, the cascading vibraphone beats which are backed by a marimba that is played in unusually low regions. it is backed by double bass twangs, a wonderfully mercurial steel guitar and the archetypical Tango shakers that distantly remind of military marches.

Ernesto Lecuona’s The Breeze And I is presented in a hilarious version that is memorable due to its omission of anything romantic and dreamy in favor of effervescent accordion notes, xylophone spirals, paradisiac flutes, warm surf guitar twangs plus Hawaiian ukuleles and thunderous percussion. It’s a great rendition and the glowing gem of Persuasive Percussion. This is the best rendition of the album

Terry Snyder & His All stars. was a group of nine musicians: Terry Snyder personally led guitarists Tony Mottola and Stanley Webb, renowned organist Dick Hyman (who later played for Cal Tjader), percussionist Willie Rodriguez, Teddy Sommer andArtie Marotti double bassist Jack Lesberg and accordionist Dominic Cortese. Album released by Command Records that was founded in 1959 by Enoch Light, a classically trained violinist active as a band leader and recording entrepreneur after World War II.

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